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Notes About Lunar Domes Luther and Hall

Two lunar domes located near the craters Luther and Hall (which we termed Luth1 and Hall1), have been imaged and studied.

The morphometric characteristics of these domes have been examined by making use of a combined photoclinometry and shape from shading approach and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) WAC images, including th LOLA DEM data set. A full spectral analysis based on Chandrayaan-1 Moon Mineralogy Mapper is in progress.

The ALPO Lunar Domes Studies Program encourages all to participate by submitting more high-resolution imagery of this wide lunar region so that we can have more data to identify further lunar domes not yet characterized in the morphometric and spectral properties.

The preliminary report can be found at

Raffaello Lena
Coordinator, ALPO Lunar Domes Studies Program