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A Report on Carrington Rotations 2216 through 2220

ALPOSS Coordinator and Scientific Advisor Richard Hill continues his reports covering the analysis and the morphology of the activity of the Sun’s Carrington Rotations using the images and reports submitted to the Solar Section with a report on: CR2216 thru CR2222. This report covers the period from 2019-04-08 1911 UT, thru 2019-08-22 2136 UT, and is based on over 1332 image and observation submissions by numerous contributors The report was published in the 2020 Winter issue of the ALPO Journal, the Strolling Astronomer. Get an impression of this report by clicking the thumbnail below, and if you are interested, you can read the entire paper plus many more by becoming an ALPO member for the low price of $18.00 per year. Sign up. become a member, and support ALPO-Astronomy by clicking here.