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Vol. 12, No. 5                                                             May 25, 2010

Jupiter was at Solar conjunction on February 28, 2010

Jupiter reaches opposition on September 21, 2010

Jupiter returns to conjunction on April 6, 2011

Submission of Observations

Note to imagers: Please put your name, UT date, UT time, and CM1 and CM2 on all images.

Please submit observations as directed below:

Mail CM transit timings monthly to:
John McAnally
2124 Wooded Acres
Waco, TX 76710
E-mail: CPAJohnM@aol.com

Mail photographs and images at least monthly.
We prefer e-mail attachment of JPG image. 
Richard W. Schmude
Gordon College
Division of Mathematics and Natural Science
419 College Dr
Barnesville, GA 30204
E-mail: Schmude@gdn.edu

Mail observations of the timings of eclipses of Jupiter's satellites to:
John E. Westfall
P.O. Box 16131
San Francisco, CA 94116
E-mail: johnwestfall@comcast.net

A few more observers are getting into the act.

Brian G. Combs 2010-05-20

South is up. Preceding to the left (with one obvious exception).

Efrain Morales Rivera 2010-05-24

CM1=130 CM2=304 CM3=115 at 09:50UT
South is up. Preceding to the left.

Adding the next two images gives us a view of all longitudes for the week.

Anthony Wesley 2010-05-21
North is up. Preceding to the right.

Trevor Barry 2010-05-17

South is up. Preceding to the left.


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Newsletter Editor: Craig MacDougal, Assistant Coordinator, ALPO Jupiter Section

Email: macdouc@verizon.net

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