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September TLO is available

The September 2011 issue of the A.L.P.O. Lunar Section’s monthly newsletter,
The Lunar Observer, has been uploaded to:

This issue includes articles on Posidonius, Palus Epidemiarum, and the “spider” in Catharina, .

Thanks to all who contributed,

Wayne Bailey,
Editor, TLO


Lunar Sinuous Rille

The International Association of Geomorphologists Working Group on Planetary Geomorphology’s latest image of the month features lunar sinuous rilles in the south polar Schrodinger Basin.  See the following announcement.


The September ‘image of the month’ is now available at the IAG’s
Planetary Geomorphology web page:

This month’s topic is on “Lunar Sinuous Rille”

Images and caption contributed by Scott Mest, Planetary science
Institute, Tucson, Arizona.

Past images and captions are available at:

Mary Bourke,
Coordinator of the IAG Working Group on Planetary Geomorphology

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