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Early Spring Dust Clouds in the Southern Hemisphere.

 All images are by Teruaki Kumamori














South Polar Cap Recedes Over Argyre Impact Basin

(Please click on image to see full image)    NOTE Argyre’s Latatude is 50S

2020 Mar 20 21 25 26 Montage



A collage of frames showing large expanse of dust clouds

Clyde Foster submitted these images of Mars taken on Feb. 21, 26 and 27. The three show regional dust clouds in and around Hellas.  A composite of the three images has been posted in the album ”Dust storm alerts” on the Mars Observers web site. I’ve attached the composite image above. These clouds are an indication that the SPC is sublimating. Sublimation has been known to generate high-velocity Winds.



Short-lived Dust Clouds Recorded

(Please click on image to see full image)

All images are by Clyde Foster. Besides the short-lived new dust clouds, fragmentation of the SPC dark collar is easily recognized. The SPC dark collar is where sublimation of Ice produces strong winds that sweep away bright dust on the surface exposing dark albedo rock. It is suspected that these winds have produced the recent dust clouds.


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