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Highlights of the 2015-2017 Mars Apparition



Images from Feb 17, 2016 to Mar 01, 2016. Have you ever seen

such a broad expanse of white clouds over the Martian disk?


 Images from February 7th, 8th and 12th 2016

These images show heavy concentrations of H2O ice clouds in the equatorial regions of Mars. The ice crystals sublime from the granular North Polar Cap and move Southward higher and higher in the atmosphere. To the right(West) of the CM orographic clouds are visible over 3 of the Tharsis volcanoes. To the East of the CM, Acidalia planita and Chryse planita are like deep valleys in the Northern hemisphere where possibly an orographic type of action produces equatorial ice clouds. But, it may be some other mechanism. Also interesting, the green and blue images show bright areas indicating low altitude ice-grain fogs and ice-grain clouds above that. Further, the February 7th and 8th red images show the same bright areas that suggest ground frost.

Images from December 11th 2015


The dark markings are sharp and very detailed with Mars only 5″ in diameter on 12-11-2015. A stand out marking is Nilosyrtis that had mostly vanished in the last 5 apparitions. A noticeable change is a new prominent dark band under Sabaeus Sinus.  It is late Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. During Spring the North Polar Cap shrinks unevenly leaving ice outcrops such as the one shown here in Uchronia.

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