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Mars Observers Should Continue to Monitor Dust Cloud Activity.


Hellas, the largest known Impact Basin in our Solar System, has its own weather and often generates high winds at the surface that produce dust clouds to overflow its boundaries. Such is probably the case below.


Images by Manos Kardasis show the South Polar Cap during Winter in the Southern hemisphere. The South Latitude of the Northern edge of the SPC is noted on each image set.

Paul Maxson’s Collage Showing High Resolution Images from March 29, 2014 through June 14, 2014.  It is a gold mine of records of the variability in time of features on Mars.

Dust Clouds in the Southern Hemisphere in Mid-Winter!

















Image Sets by Christophe Pellier show fine details in the classical features. Note also how the large cloud deck near the Morning limb retains its form and extent even after Mars rotated 36 degrees.

Superb Drawings of Mars in early Northern Summer by Veteran  Mars Observer Carlos E. Hernandez


Many Clouds and North Polar Cap Activity Recorded in Early March as Ice is Transferred from Northern Polar Regions to Southern Polar Regions.

Stunning wide black stripe imaged on Jan. 6th, 2014 that lengthened through March 3rd as a narrower black stripe as the NPC ice continued to shrink uncovering a very dark surface.

Below is a cutaway of a map of the North Polar Cap at Ls = 90 by Chick Capen made from 1969 observations. See the dark figure extending into the NPC at longitude 60 degrees West that is in the same orientation as in the images. The map also shows Mare Boreum and Mare Acidalium to the South of the NPC exactly as shown in the images.


Images showing movements of dust clouds on or near the

North Polar Cap and a deep Low-pressure center and its

attendant circular shaped dust storm


Images showing dark ring of sand dunes on North Polar Cap


First sizable dust clouds recorded by ALPO observers in 2013



Four Faces of Mars in September 2013 with a diameter of less


than 4.4″ showing many small features!


Four Faces of Mars in September 2013 with great details at a diameter less than 4.4"

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