ALPO Expanded Membership Form

Expanded Membership Classes

____ Patron $US 250 (Includes four issues of the Journal ALPO, both the hard copy and digital versions, a free lapel pin, free printed back issues of the Journal upon request that are still in print)

____ Benefactor $US 500 - (Includes all benefits associated with the Patron membership level, plus one free, professionally published book from an ALPO author, valued under $45 in print, your choice of print or Kindle edition.

____ Provider $US 1000 - (Includes all the benefits associated with the Benefactor membership level and one annual conference registration. Covers reimbursement for registration only, with a $100 cap. Does not include conference purchases, field trips, meals, accommodations, or travel expenses to the annual conference.)

____ Funder $US 2500 - (Includes all the benefits associated with the Provider membership level.)

____ Universal $US 10,000 - (This membership level is a lifetime membership that is achieved through a one time gift or through accumulative giving at the lower levels that when equaling $10,000 over time, the member would be given a lifetime membership. Includes all the benefits associated with the Provider and Benefactor membership levels plus one book a year for life)

____ Donation for $___________ (Does not include any of the benefits of an expanded membership.)






Interest (enter codes from below)________________________________________________



Interest Abbreviations

0 = Sun 6 = Saturn D = CCD Imaging P = Photography
1 = Mercury 7 = Uranus E = Eclipses R = Radio Astronomy
2 = Venus 8 = Neptune H = History S = Astronomical Software
3 = Moon 9 = Pluto I = Instruments T = Tutoring
4 = Mars A = Asteroids M = Meteors V = Videography
5 = Jupiter C = Comets O = Meteorites X = Visual Drawing

Mail your payment in the form of a check*, money order, or MoneyGram to:

ALPO Membership Secretary
PO Box 13456
Springfield, IL 62791-3456 USA

*U.S. banking codes required on check

If you purchased an ALPO Benefactor, Provider, Funder, or Universal Membership, please inform the ALPO Secretary of your choice of a book by an ALPO author and a book will be shipped out to you right away. You can contact the ALPO Secretary by email at or postal mail to the address above. Your membership and/or donation is sincerely appreciated.

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Updated January 25, 2013