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January 5, 2016

Solar Ephemeris Information For 2016

The ALPOSS has provided Solar Observers for many years with solar ephemeris data to help them with their solar observations. This year is no exception, and we have posted the ephemeris data for 2016 in .pdf format on our Solar Ephemerides and Rotations Page . The data can also be downloaded for off-line access. This data has been created using the WIMP program which can be downloaded from the Computing Section webpage . Interested parties can install the program on their PC for off line access. The program was updated with more accurate calculations in the fall of 2015. So if you have not installed the latest version of WIMP we urge you to do so.

Good Observing and Clear Skies,
Your ALPOSS team


January 2, 2016

The New ALPOSS Online Archive

As some of you may have noticed, the ALPO Solar Section has a new online archive, where submitted solar observations and images are being kept. They can be accessed by anyone who has an interest in reviewing them. This official ALPO Solar Section Online Archive is not to be confused with the “ALPO Archive” which is graciously maintained separately by the Arkansas Sky Observatory, but is instead the official ALPO archive where members are encouraged to post their images and observations. This ALPO Solar Section Online Archive is also different than the online archives of some other organizations, which are accessible by File Transfer Protocol (ftp) and where images need to be downloaded to be reviewed.

At the current time, the ALPO Solar Section Online Archive houses almost 28,000 images and observations that were submitted by observers and kept in an off-line archive. It is our feeling that in today’s world of social media and fast internet access, we needed to adapt to the new technologies. We have done so with the creation of the ALPO Solar Section Online Archive and letting everyone see what many dedicated observers over the entire world have done to document the activity of the Sun since 1979, which is the earliest image we have in our archive. Please take a look at what’s there at: .

If you would like your images to be part of the ALPO Solar Section Online Archive and contribute your own observations, please attach your images (which must contain the information requested in the Summary) to an email and send them to
Or if you are a member of ALPO, you can upload your images directly to the ALPO Solar Section Online Archive, but have to register first by sending an email with your name and intentions to upload observations to the above email address. You will be sent a guide and information on how you can upload the images yourself. We hope that you will enjoy this change as much as we do.
Happy New Year and lots of  Clear Skies,

Theo Ramakers
Acting Assistant Coordinator, the ALPOSS


September 2, 2015

The Carrington event of September2, 1859!

From Spaceweather- September 2nd, 2015

Today is the anniversary of an historic solar storm, the Carrington Event. On Sept. 2, 1859, a CME struck Earth’s magnetic field with such power that telegraph stations caught fire and people in Cuba read their morning newspapers by the red light of the aurora borealis. If a similar storm struck our planet today, it might cause trillions of dollars of damage to society’s high-tech infrastructure. Could the Carrington Event happen again? It almost did just a few years ago. Extreme solar storms–past, present and future–are highlighted on today’s edition of


August 30, 2015

Carrington Rotation Dates released August 30, 2015

Good Morning,

Jeff Beish has supplied the Solar Section with Carrington Rotations dates from CR2092 to CR3082.
These are now availale in pdf download on the Solarblog site under A.L.P.O. SOLAR SECTION EPHEMERIDES page.

Brad Timmerson also supplied a Decimal Date file for CR2166 to CR2230 and is also available on A.L.P.O. SOLAR SECTION EPHEMERIDES page.

Kim Hay
A.L.P.O.Solar Section Co-ordinator


July 24, 2015

Carrington Rotation Dates released August 30, 2015

Carrrington Rotation CR2163 click on CR2163. This has been uploaded to the Solar Section.

There were three observers with 23 submitted images.

Kim Hay
ALPO Solar Section Coordinator


June 28, 2015

Carrington Rotation Dates for CR2166

Title: CR2166
Description: CR2166 begins
Start Date: 2015-07-15
End Date: 2015-08-11


June 28, 2015

Carrington Rotation Dates for CR2165

Title: CR2165
Description: CR2165 begins
Start Date: 2015-06-18
End Date: 2015-07-14


February 14, 2015

Solar Dynamics Observatory- 5 years of Solar Imagery

Here are a couple of great solar movies put out by Goddard Space Flight Centre

5th Anniversay of SDO

Longer Version

and the Difference between Solar Flares and CME’s

Enjoy, Spectaular images.


February 2nd, 2015

Geo-magnetic Storm in progress

There is a Geo- magnetic Storm in progress


January 3, 2015

Sunspot AR 2253

According to Only a few days ago, sunspot AR2253 did not exist. Now the fast-growing active region is wider than the planet Jupiter.

If its clear in your area go take a look, and watch the morphology of AR2253.

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