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January 10, 2010

Solar Prominences

Micheal Buxton has created a loop of a Solar Prominence from October 3th, 2009

Details on the equipment used are :”This time lapse movie was captured from 1710-1855 UT on 3 october 2009 with a tak TSA 102 and a lunt 75mm hydrogen filter. video clips of 350 frames were gathered with a DMK ccd and processed with registax. the clip is looped 5 times and played here at 20fps. “mb

Go to to see Mike’s other events on the Youtube page.

Thanks for sharing Mike.



January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

As the clouds are slowly departing from Ontario Canada, we might actually see the sun. I can see from NOAA and Spaceweather there is still a sunspot AR11039 appearing in the lower southern hemisphere.

As this Solar Cycle 24 starts to come alive, lets hope for clear observing conditions.

I also urge you all to send in your solar observations to the Solar ALPO Coordinator at so these can be archived for use by researchers and amateur solar observers.

Please include the time in UT Time, orientation of North at the top (for images) type of equipment used, location. Please see the page on ALPO Report forms . Remember to join the ALPO Solar Email group on Yahoo.

Kim Hay
ALPO Solar Coordinator

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