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June 18, 2010

Sunspot Carrington Rotation 2097 – Howard Eskildsen

Sunspot Summary Carrington Rotation 2097
Start date: 2010/05/19, 23:50 UT,  End date:  2010/06/16, 04:43 UT, per
Notes:  The Sun had been without spots for 11 days at the start of this rotation, but spots returned the second day of the rotation. 
Spots 1076, 1078, 1080, and 1081 achieved “D” classification (leading and following spots with penumbrae, < 10° length).  The last
day of the rotation was again without spots.  
Dates below expressed as yymmdd (Universal Date)

Sunspot Location Date Date
Number First Seen Appeared Last seen Comments
1072 SE Quadrant 10521 100529 Appeared in a fresh, compact plage that was just visible the day prior. Itenlarged, then regress to Hsx and remained stable until rotating from view.
1073 NE Quadrant 100529 100531 Appeared in plage that had been visible since 100526. Faded from view.
1074 NW Quadrant 100529 100531 Plage visible day before. Rotated from view, remained small
1075 Southern 100529 100601 Plage visible day before. Remained small, faded from view
1076 Southern 100601 100607 Plage visible day before, grew rapidly. Following spot of group enlarged to proiminence on 100603, Dho at that time. Was fading as it rotated from view.
1077 NW Quadrant 100605 100605 Small, short-lived spot
1078 SW Quadrant 100608 100611 Grew rapidly to Dsi spot, rotated from view.
1079 SW Quadrant 100609 10611 Small, short-lived spot.
1080 SW Quadrant 100610 100614 Developed rapidly to Dai, some C and M class flares. Rotated from view.
1081 NW Quadrant 100611 100613 Small Bxo spot at first, enlarged to Dro before rotating from view.
Plage NE Quadrant 100614 10614 Pore in compact plage lasted but one day.


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