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July 11, 2010

AR1087 producing C-class flares

AR1087 has been producing C-class flares for over 24 hours, and the group seems to be becoming more active. As shown in the images by Howard Eskildsen in Ca K and Jamey Jenkins in white light.

Image in CaK


Image by Howard Eskildsen


Image by Jamey Jenkins

For more interesting information on AR1087 see SOHO.
There is another spot forming near the equator today, but as of yet it is not numbered. kh 071110


July 10, 2010

solar Dynamics Observatory

Observing the sun as we do on earth in many wavelengths has evolved over the years. We now have the opprotunity to observe the sun in a new way from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. Go to the following site and view the sun in many wavelengths. Put in the date you wish to view, along with the wavelength, and view the daily image.

The SDO was launched on February 11, 2010 .


July 3, 2010

Slight Light Bridge

Member Jamey Jenkins imaged on the morning of July 3 the sunspot AR1084′s umbra slightly splitting, forming a Light Bridge. Catching these are quite rare. To read up on the Light Bridge please read the Guidelines for the Observations of White Light Phenomena located on the solar front page.

Sunspot Group AR1084

Slight Light Bridge

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