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January 26, 2011

Sunspot Summary Carrington Rotation 2105 – Howard Eskildsen

Sunspot Summary Carrington Rotation 2105
Observations in Ca-K
Start date: 2010/12/24, 01:06 UT, End date: 2011/01/20, 09:10 UT,
per Howard Eskildsen

The sun had been without spots for the last 5 days of CR 2104 and the next spots appeared on the second day of the rotation. Both dimuitive spots only lasted two days. Only two of the 13 spots of the rotation were large and persistent. The others were small and relatively short lived. The sun was totally blank for two days during the latter part of the rotation. It ended with the large spot group, AR 1147, showing some complexity, but little activity.

Dates expressed as yymmdd (Universal Date)
Sunspot Location Date Date
Number First Seen Appeared Last seen Comments
1136 SW Quad 101225 101226 I did not image. Dates from SWPC solar region summary data.
1137 NE Quad 101225 101226 I did not image. Dates from SWPC solar region summary data.
1138 N Hemisphere 101227 101230 Arose abuply just SW of AR 1137, enlarged, then faded from view.
1139 By SE Limb 101228 110102 Pore in tiny, new, compact plage on 101228, more prominent the next day, then faded. Spot was visible off and on in continuum, till finally fading for good on 110102.
1140 NE Limb 101230 110111 Large Hsx carried into view by solar rotation. Little activity, carried from view by solar rotation.
1141 N Hemisphere 101231 110105 Arose abruptly, enlarged the next day, then slowly faded as solar rotation carried if trom view.
1142 SE Quad 101231 110106 Arose abruptly, enlarged the next two days. Gradually faded.
1143 SE Quad 110107 110108 New spot in fresh, oval plage that had been visible the day before. Faded from view next day.
Pore SW Limb 110108 110108 In region of old AR1139.
1144 SW Quad 110108 110109 Small, short lived.
1145 NE Limb 110108 101011 Arose in new plage near limb. Gradually faded.
1146 NE Quad 110111 110112 I was not able to image the day it appeared. Faded from view.
1147 NE Limb 110115 ***** Large spot rotated into view. It had produced flares on the far side of of the sun, but calmed consideraby when it came into view.
1148 SW Quad 110118 ***** It arose abruptly, then faded quickly; barely visible at the end of the rotation.


January 21, 2011

Sun-Earth Day

Mark March 20th on your Calendar. NASA wants to celebrate Sun-Earth Day with everyone.

Here are the particulars

Sun on January 6th, 2011

Image by Observer Gema Araujo- Spain

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