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August 16, 2016

A short Summary of Carrington Rotation 2179

Carrington Rotation 2179 covered the time period from 2016-07-03 – 1040 UT until 2016-07-30 – 1539 UT.
Submitted observations can be viewed in ALPO’s Solar Archive for CR2179:
12 Active Regions could be observed during this rotation with the largest region, AR2567, reaching a covered area of 390 millionth on July 20th. The total area maxed out on July 21st at 790 millionths. The largest Spot count of 28 was observed on July 19th with AR2575 and AR2567 being the main contributors to this. Whereas the previous rotation CR2178 had 11 days with no regions, CR2179 had 5 days without any Active Regions.
A total of 482 submissions were made by Solar Observers and we thank all of them for their continued effort to record the solar activity over the years.
Instead of featuring three images in this blog, this time we would like to show three of the reports logged by our contributors Joe Gianninoto, Ryc Rienks, and David Teske. Thanks to them as well as all other contributors for a great rotation.

The ALPO  Solar Team.

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