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May 22, 2018

A Short Summary of Carrington Rotation 2203

Carrington Rotation 2203 covered the time period from 2018-04-19 0515 UT – 2018-05-16 1057 UT.
272 Submissions were submitted at the time of this writing. The submissions can be viewed in ALPO’s Solar Archive for CR2203:

Following two rotations with 20 or more spotless days, this rotation only had 9 spotless days. The increased activity was caused by short duration active regions. Two of them only lasted 6 days and remained at 10 millionths, except for AR2708, which covered 30 millionths for one day only on May 5th. The region getting all the attention was AR2706 which lasted 9 days and peaked with 130 millionths on April 22nd, and 13 sunspots one day prior to that. AR2707 was visible for one day only at a size of 10 millionths. The rotation ended with spotless day 215. The total Active Region size for the rotation went up from 60 for the previous rotation to 660 millionths, and the maximum sunspots count was 14 on April 22nd.

For this rotation we would like to feature some images submitted by three of our observers, Christian Viladrich, Dave Tyler, and Guilherme Grassmann. Thanks to them, as well as all other contributors for another great rotation. Please take a look at all the drawings/images by clicking on the link above which links to our archive for CR2203.
Clear Skies,
Theo Ramakers
Assistant Coordinator, the ALPOSS

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