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September 16, 2017

A short Summary of Carrington Rotation 2194

Carrington Rotation 2194 covered the time period from 2017-08-16 1126 UT – 2017-09-12 1729 UT.
488 Submissions were added to ALPO’s Solar archive at the time of this summary, while the activity of the Sun dramatically increased. They can be viewed in ALPO’s Solar Archive for CR2194:

The rotation started with one active region covering an area of 170 millionths and a Wolf Number of 21, and ended with two regions covering 420 millionths and a Wolf Number of 38. The Total Active Region Area, during the rotation was a whopping 12 times that of the previous rotation. This was mainly due to a burst of activity during a seven day period in which the Sun produced 7 flares, which caused R2 alerts to be issued. In addition to 3 flares larger than an M5.0, four X-class flares were detected, an X2.2 and X9.3 on 9/6, an X1.3 on 9/7, and finally an X8.2 on 9/10. The X9.3 flare is the largest flare since I started recording high solar activity almost four years ago, and possibly the largest of the current cycle. Noteworthy here is that we have not had an R2 triggering flare in 5 months, but have had 91 spotless days already since Solar Maximum. During the rotation we could observe 10 regions AR2671 – AR2680, of which AR2679 lasted only two days. The rotation started relative quiet for its first half but then activity increased rapidly with AR2673 and AR2674. AR2673 covered the largest Active Region Area on 9/9 with 1060 millionths, which also coincides with the largest Total Active Region Area for the Sun of the rotation with 1760 millionths. The highest Wolf number 122 was shared on two days 9/5 and 9/6. There were no spotless days during CR2194.
For this Rotation we would like to feature three images by three of our observers, Mike Borman, Christian Viladrich, and a composite by Guilherme Grassman, who managed to capture part of the X9.3 flare on 9/6. Thanks to them, as well as all other contributors for another great rotation. Please take a look at their images by clicking on the link above linking to our archive for CR2194.
Clear Skies,
Theo Ramakers
Acting Assistant Coordinator, the ALPOSS

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