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February 16, 2019

A Short Summary of Carrington Rotation 2213

Carrington Rotation 2213 covered the time period from 2019-01-16 1954 UT – 2019-02-13 0406 UT .
210 Images/Observations were submitted for the archives. The submissions can be viewed in ALPO’s Solar Archive for CR2213:

The rotation showed one Active Region, AR2733, which lasted for 9 days. 19 Days no sunspots were observed. The highest Daily Active Region Area for the rotation was 90 millionths on, January 28, January 30, and January 31, while the total active region areas for the rotation was 560 millionths. The highest Wolf number for the rotation was 27 on January 27.  Four reversed polarized areas (cycle 25) were observed during the period. The first one on February 6th and the remaining 3 on the last three days of the rotation.  Our archive shows three images that show the mentioned regions. Overall Solar Activity remained Very Low and the rotation ended with spotless day 393.  During the rotation the Sun produced  41 C-class and 5  B-class flares.

This time we would like to feature some images submitted by three of our observers, Gabriel Corban, as well as Talha Moon Zia with a nice collage of AR2733 and David Teske’s drawing. Please click the thumbnails below to see the full images. Thanks to all contributors for another great rotation. Please take a look at all the drawings/images by clicking on the link above which will bring you to our archive for CR2213.
Clear Skies,
Theo Ramakers
Assistant Coordinator, the ALPOSS

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