Solar Section        


April 9, 2019

Are we there yet?

Assistant Coordinator for the Solar Section of the ALPO, Theo Ramakers has been looking for some time to find and document, reverse polarized areas on the Sun, which might be an indication of Solar Cycle 25 activity. Granted that we are looking for large and named active regions with reverse polarization in the higher latitudes (approx. 30 degrees). However, smaller activities might give an indication of how we are getting on with this transition. In addition for them to be included in this summary, we needed to have an image in our archive which was submitted by one of our observers to be used in comparison to the SDO’s HMIB magnetograms. His article “Are we there yet”, appeared in the spring issue of ALPO’s Journal “The Strolling Astronomer”, which you can access here. In addition, you can stay up to date with this hunt for reverse polarized areas, since ALPO is making the summary document available on-line. This summary will be updated regularly and show these areas mapped to actual observer images for you to check out! To access the latest overview, please click on the image below which will load the pdf document containing the latest areas.

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