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March 3, 2020

A Short Summary of CR2227

Carrington Rotation CR2227 covered the time period from 2020-02-02 1721 UT – 2020-03-01 0126 UT.
At the time of this writing 118 images were submitted for the archives, which is about 100 less than for the previous rotation, and is a result of being around solar minimum and the bad weather conditions. The submissions can be viewed in ALPO’s Solar Archive for CR2227 which can be accessed at:
The rotation did not bring us any new active regions, however, on the fist day AR2757 turned to the far side of the Sun. We noticed some small areas of which a few were reverse polarized, which did not create any Sunspots, . See our overview (pdf) of the Reverse Polarized Areas, by clicking here. On March 3rd. the spotless streak stands at 28 spotless days which gives this solar minimum 6 streaks of 28 days or higher, whereas the previous solar minimum gave us only 3. However, these 3 spotless streaks were much longer than what we have seen so far. Overall Solar Activity remained Very Low and the rotation increased the spotless days count since solar maximum to 690. Finally, during the period SWPC reported 3 A-class, and no B- or C-class flares.
This time we would like to feature 3 images submitted by Howard Eskildsen, Theo Ramakers and Guilherme Grassman. Thanks to these and all other observers for submitting their observations Please click the thumbnails below to see the full images in the archive.
Clear Skies,
Theo Ramakers
Assistant Coordinator, the ALPOSS

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