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February 16, 2013

Solar Storm Watchers from Zooniverse Team

Greetings Stormwatchers!
Remember all that data analysis you’ve been doing at All those storms you’ve tracked have now been used to create an animation of what the Sun has been up to over the first three years of the STEREO mission. It’s amazing! You can now see the constant stream of solar wind material as it erupts into space and even the spirals created as the various sources of solar wind rotate with the Sun. And when a solar storm erupts, you can see which planets are in the firing line! Watch the video and read more on the blog at

In other news, the BBC are making a documentary about the Sun and would like to feature Solar Stormwatch, including a small group of volunteers. They will be filming at Rutherford Appleton Laboratories in Oxfordshire in the UK ( Filming is going to take place either February 28 or March 1 2013 (date to be confirmed).

If you are a UK-based Solar Stormwatch volunteer and would like to be part of the documentary please email with the subject heading ‘SSW Documentary’ and we’ll forward your message on to the BBC. Unfortunately the BBC cannot pay travel expenses but if you can get to RAL they guarantee a good day out! There is more information on the Solar Stormwatch blog:

This is a great opportunity to promote Solar Stormwatch and get even more involved in solar science.

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