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Solar Observations & Reports

Solar Observations and Reports made by many observers since 1979 are included in ALPOSS’ Archive and can be accessed by anyone visiting our site. This data is being used and is included in various reports created by section staff as well as other scientific analysts. These reports created by ALPO staff are accessible and can be reviewed by clicking the respective link in the lists below.

Rotation Reports for:
2019: CR2210 thru CR2215
2018: CR2199 thru CR2201, CR2202 thru CR2205, CR2206 thru CR2209,
2017: CR2184 thru CR2187, CR2188 thru CR2190, CR2191 thru CR2194, CR2195 thru CR2198,
2016: CR2169 thru CR2173, CR2174 thru CR2177, CR2178 and CR2179, CR2180 – CR2183
2015: CR2166 – CR2168CR2165 & CR2164, CR2163

Prior to the announcement of the on-line Solar Archive, Observations were summarized in overviews and published at irregular intervals. Some of these summaries included images, others only listed the observations in table form. Please click on the respective Carrington Rotation Number to see the summary.

Summaries including images

2015: CR2163
2013: CR2143
2012: CR2119
2011: CR2118, CR2106,
2010: CR2093,
2007: CR2063, CR2053, CR2052,
2006: CR2051, CR2050, CR2049, CR2048, CR2047, CR2046, CR2045, CR2044, CR2043, CR2042, CR2041, CR2040, CR2039,
2005: CR2037, CR2036,

Rotation Reports w/o images between 1997 and 2003

CR2009, CR1999, CR1992, CR1985, CR1979, CR1976, CR1972, CR1966, CR1960, CR1955, CR1953, CR1947, CR1944, CR1920.

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