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    The New ALPO Solar Section Handbook

On behalf of the Solar Section, we are pleased and excited to announce the new Section Handbook called “The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers Solar Section – Guidelines for the Observation and Reporting of Solar Phenomena”. This task was undertaken by Mr. Jamey Jenkins, Assistant Coordinator, Archivist,and who works with New Observers.The New Handbook is in three parts, over 100 pages and is available for download here. The new Handbook is an updated version (2010) of the original Handbook.

This new publication has up-to-date techniques, many pictures, and links to many solar references.In the past history of the ALPO Solar Section, there has been one publication that has been used by new solar observers to help them learn about the sun and observe it safely. This handbook was “The Association of Lunar& Planetary Observer’s Solar Section Handbook for the White Light Observation of Solar Phenomena” by Richard Hill.

Observe and Understand the Sun It was first published in 1983.The first handbook was replaced by “Observe and Understand the Sun”also written by Richard Hill.

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