Solar Section        


solar flare

Picture by Vincent Chan

Submission of observations to the ALPO Solar Section gives us the permission to distribute these to solar researchers, journals, scientific organizations and magazines with the request that the OBSERVER and the ALPO Solar Section be cited.

Any observations used from this page or other past Carrington Rotations for publication should credit to the observer and the ALPO Solar Section. For example: “John Smith – A.L.P.O. Solar Section”

CR2163 CR2143 CR2119 CR2118



CR2059 CR2058 CR2057 CR2056 CR2055 CR2054 CR2053 CR2052 CR2051 CR2050

CR2049 CR2048 CR2047 CR2046 CR2045 CR2044 CR2043 CR2042 CR2041 CR2040

CR2039 CR2038 CR2037 CR2036 CR2009

CR1999 CR1992 CR1985 CR1979 CR1976 CR1972 CR1966

CR1960 CR1955 CR1953 CR1947 CR1944 CR1920

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