C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) 2020-Jul-08 John Chumack

Here is a wide angle view of the Comet NEOWISE and the Sky and Venus at Dawn ...
Put them up full screen…
you can see the Comet between the two large trees, just above the orange glow on the horizon, above the Comet is the bright star Capella which was an excellent guide post for finding the Comet. To the far right edge you can see the Pleiades aka "The Seven Sisters" and directly below the Pleiades, is The Planet Venus smack dab in the middle of the V shaped Hyades Star Cluster or "The Horns of the Bull" in Taurus. The entire foreground scene is well lit by the natural light of the Waning Gibbous Moon.

Notice the bit of ground fog low in the valley by the houses on the left, we had a few waves of that fog come by our setup, but luckily it move out just as fast as it came in.
Canon 6D DSLR, 24mm Lens F4, ISO 800, 8 sec. exp.
Captured from Enon, Ohio on 07-08-2020 at about 04:59am EST.

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