C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) 2020-Jul-08 John Chumack

A Beautiful Comet in the Morning sky!!! Comet NEOWISE on 07-08-2020... I watched it again this morning 07-09-2020, but warning because of how low it is on the Horizon your view may be blocked by trees or other structures, so you need to go find a very low Northeastern Horizon away from the city lights preferably although it is visible to the human eye, it’s just barely visible to the eye around here, once it cleared the fog on the horizon. Comet NEOWISE looks so much better in Binoculars or small telescope. Even a regular camera lens on DSLR cameras can capture it, with exposures as short as 1 to 5 seconds. The color just before Sunrise really makes the Comet Photo, but I found you only have a 30 minute window of color before the comet gets washed out by the brightening sky. I will be posting several images this week, I will include exposure setting for the different lens sizes I used...so you all can go out and try to capture it yourselves!!!...It is shining at about 2nd Magnitude.

I used my Fujinon 10x70 binoculars to view it, and it was beautiful to look at...but once its high enough off the horizon you can see it through your Camera viewfinder as well. But you don't have much time before dawn's light gets too bright to wash it out. I captured these images from Enon, Ohio, went to visit & shoot with my buddy Glenn who found us a good spot in his neck of the woods using google maps. All shots are with my Canon 6D DSLR, most exposures were well under 10 seconds, it really depends on your Lens, ISO value & F-stop used.

This colorful Sunrise shot was set to 97mm lens, F4, ISO 400, 10 sec., Camera on a tripod. I did the binocular close-up with a 200mm lens, F5.6,ISO 1250, 4 sec. exp., and placed a binocular pattern over that shot to show you how it would look in your Binoculars, I highly recommended you use Binoculars if you want a really good view of Comet NEOWISE.

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