C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) 2020-Jul-19 Michael Rosolina

I observed the comet last night (July 18th/July 19th UT) up in my hay meadows with my 12x36 IS binoculars and Mk I eyeball and took some pics. After it got dark enough the comet was an easy object with direct vision (and my old eyes are terrible). With the naked eye, the tail extended about 3 degrees and was obvious in the sky. My skies were SQM-L 21.5.

With the 12x36's, the tail extended out of the 5 degree field of view. In my sketch, you can't see 5 degrees of tail because I moved the comet in the field to include kappa and iota UMa. I used those two stars to get my magnitude estimate of 3.2. I did not see the ion tail.

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