C/2021 A1 (Leonard) 2021-Dec-17 Eliot Herman

Eliot Herman
Comet Leonard C/2021 in the fading light at dusk
This image was captured in Tucson AZ in the fading light using a Vixen VSD 100 astrograph and a stock (not astro-modified) Nikon Z7II camera on a Vixen SXP mount. There was an IR cut filter between the camera and telescope. The image is comprised of 31 x 6 sec stacked with Astropixelprocessor and adjust with Photoshop. Comet Leonard was low in the sky into the hazy zone and fading light below Venus. This capture was terminated by a tree branch soon to be removed. Captured at 5 degrees above the horizon at 6:30 pm MST.


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