This is the new color version of the 1994-1995 Mars apparition map. South is up with the white clouds seen over the South Polar Region during most of the observing season. North is on the bottom shows the bright white North Polar Cap as seen close to opposition date displaying the many rifts observed in it. Rima Tenuis can be seen at 332 degrees and Chasma Borealis and NPC outliers. Most white areas were clouds with the "Syrtis Blue Cloud" over Syrtis Major as imaged by Don Parker. Fog was in the Hellas region and Chryse had a mix of white clouds with a little dust. Orographic clouds were observed over great volcanoes in the Tharsis region (See the 1994-95 Apparition Report-JALPO). This map was produced by Dan Troiani using the computer program "PhotoSylter". The hues and colors matches that fit the CCD images perfectly. It was produced using all the data (CCD's, drawings, and photos) from the Mars section of the ALPO during the 1994-95 apparition. The original B&W surface map took about 30 hours of computer time to produce. An additional 5 hours were needed to convert it to a color map. This does not count the endless hours of preparation work needed before hand.

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