This Mars map was produce with South up, North at the bottom and the following linb on the right. This is the view you get using a reflector telescope. The white clouds seen over the South Polar Region is the South Polar Hood which sure be seen at times during most of the observing season. North is on the bottom shows the bright white North Polar Cap. During the 2003 apparition both caps can be seen at times. This map was produced by Dan Troiani using the computer program "PhotoShop 5.5". It was produced using all the data (CCD's, drawings, and photos) from the Mars section of the ALPO during the 2000-2001-2002 apparition. This map was produced to show you what Mars will look like during ther coming Great 2003 Apparition. The original B&W surface map took about 30 hours of computer time to produce first taking measurement off of CCD's images before drawing them in on the computer just like the old maps where made in the past using an airbush. An additional time was needed to put on the labels.

Daniel M. Troiani
Mars Section Coordinator,
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers   

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