The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO)

Standard Memberships

You are invited to join the ALPO. We hope you have enjoyed reviewing our website, sampled a few past Journals, and found our free materials beneficial. Your support of our organization through a membership is much appreciated. Below is a listing of ALPO membership dues and options.

ALPO Membership Dues

Regular Memberships
$US 22.00 (Digital Journal; All countries; 4 issues, email address required)
$US 40.00 (Digital Journal; All countries; 8 issues, email address required)
$US 55.00 (Paper Journal; USA, Canada and Mexico; 4 issues)
$US 104.00 (Paper Journal; USA, Canada and Mexico; 8 issues)
$US 62.00 (Paper Journal; Other countries; 4 issues)
$US 118.00 (Paper Journal; Other countries; 8 issues)

Sustaining Membership
$US 85.00 (Digital and Paper Journal; All countries; 4 issues)

$US 175.00 (Digital and Paper Journal; All countries; 4 issues)

We are also very grateful for the support of those who choose to become Sustaining Members ($75.00 for four issues) or Sponsors ($150.00 for four issues). Sustaining Members and Sponsors are entitled to receive both paper and digital versions of the Journal ALPO. All members are welcome to participate in the ALPO Lunar and Planetary Training Program, a free service to paid members.

Click here if you are interested in considering higher levels of ALPO membership with expanded benefits.

You can pay for an ALPO membership by postal mail or online. To pay by post, please fill out the membership form and enclose it with your payment, in the form of a check, money order, or MoneyGram and mail to the address on the membership form.

As an option you can purchase your membership online by credit card through the Astronomical League.

Again, thank you for your interest in the ALPO.

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