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January 22, 2016

A short Summary of Carrington Rotation 2185

Carrington Rotation 2185 covered the time period from 2016-12-14 0115 UT – 2017-01-10 0913 UT and is our last rotational gallery for 2016.
226 Reports and images were submitted for our archive and can be viewed in ALPO’s Solar Archive for CR2185:
Whereas we could observe 9 regions during the previous rotation, only 6 regions paraded across the solar hemisphere during this time, AR2617 through AR2624. Two of them, AR2623 and AR2624, appeared and disappeared almost immediately. The largest region, AR2617, reached its maximum area of only 70 millionths on December 14 and 15. Oddly enough SWPC reported AR2624 as containing one spot but no area associated with it. The highest Wolf number of 25 was recorded on December 15.
This rotation produced spotless days for about half of the period. This brings the total spotless days at the end of the rotation to 42 since Solar maximum.

For this Rotation we would like to feature images submitted by three of our observers, Mike Borman, Howard Eskildsen, and Guilherme Grassmann. Thanks to them as well as all other contributors for another great rotation. Please take a look at their images by clicking on the above link leading to our archive.
Your Solar Section Team,

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